art consulting and events

-art today, art tomorrow-

We curate and drive sharpen ideas generated in a creative environment, exploring together with a growing and challenging worldwide network. Representing a fresh blueprint to break new canvas for audacious and mobile content, we direct, propose and expose art strategies in substance and in form, for exhibitive events in our physical space. Giving an artistic twist to companies, organisations, businesses for higher opportunities through new media and digital dispositive is also one of our main purposes, so our creatives open a hub where art is not just contained between four walls.


- become the point of reference-

CURATED MNGMNT offers tailored trend forecasting so you have a complete vision of the upcoming seasons.  Our bespoke reports allow you to effectively focus your collections on the must-have products for your brand. Our service is available in a range of packages to suit specific needs—from big retail to specialized enterprises. We can combine our personal expertise with customized data analytics to paint your complete trend-scape.



– we show you what you can’t see -

Our network of experts with presence around the world will show you the latest displays according to your specific needs—from the main windows to the to-be-discovered new talented retailers and shops.

If your creative brain has a specific idea, concept or image that requires further information to make it happen, we can do it. 

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